Guidelines for Live Broadcasting

1. How do I sign up?

Users can sign up via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Account (for the purpose of authenticating accounts and providing a better social experience).

2. How to change my personal information?

You can change profile picture directly by clicking it on the profile and user name by the Edit option available on the profile page.

3. Can I use the Singlze logo as my profile picture?

Unfortunately, we prohibit use of our official logo, name or likeness as part of a user's account information.

4. How do I follow a talent?

Simply click the "+" button in the upper left hand corner of a talent's showroom and you will be following them.

Guidelines for Live Broadcasting

In accordance with the guidelines required by Apple Inc. and Google LLC, we have a zero-tolerance policy and in our sole discretion have the right to remove and/or suspend any user account that violates these policies. Content in violation includes anything that can be seen, heard and/or referenced in any Live broadcast, broadcast title, images, and anything posted or contained in any profile.

You must be 18 years or older to broadcast at Singlze. It is possible for people under 18 to be in or view a stream, but only if at least 1 adult person is on the screen at the moment.

Dress Code for Broadcasters

  • A broadcaster must be dressed up while streaming
  • It is forbidden to stream naked, even if the body of a streamer is partially covered with a veil or towel
  • Broadcasting in lingerie without additional clothing is not allowed
  • Broadcasting in a towel or a blanket is not permitted
  • Chests, buttocks, and external genital organs must be completely covered with an opaque fabric.
  • The bottom point of a cleavage ought to be not below the bottom of the chest.
  • Swimsuits are only allowed in pools or nearby outdoor waters.
  • Showering or bathing in a Live broadcast is prohibited.

Nudity or Overly Sexualized Content

Any overly sexualized content is forbidden in Singlze Live and could result in being banned from broadcasting and/or account suspension. Sexualized content includes sexually suggestive or provocative activity which can include posture, and/or sexual behavior, sexually suggestive or provocative language, sexual services being offered which include escort services and/or filmed sexual activity.

It is prohibited to:

  • Touch yourself or another stream participants' chests, genitalia, and buttocks area
  • Touch anything with your tongue
  • Place to the mouth anything but food
  • Show any sex toys
  • Imitate sex whatsoever
  • The bottom point of a cleavage ought to be not below the bottom of the chest.
  • Swimsuits are only allowed in pools or nearby outdoor waters.
  • Showering or bathing in a Live broadcast is prohibited.

Harassment, Hateful Speech, or Bullying are prohibited

This includes:

  • Discriminatory or hateful remarks towards gender, religion or faith, race or ethnicity, age or disability, physical appearance, or sexual orientation
  • Altering images of another individual shared with the intent to publicly shame or bully
  • Profanity intended to hurt another individual
  • Blackmail or harassment of any kind

Criminal Activities of any kind are prohibited

This includes:

  • Any display of criminal activities
  • Violence or harm towards people, businesses, property, or animals
  • Illegal substances
  • Usage or display of drugs and/or paraphernalia
  • Violence or self-mutilation
  • Threats of violence toward another individual
  • Displays of child abuse, self-mutilation and/or bodily harm, or animal abuse
  • Display and/or use of firearms or gun violence

Profile Content

Impersonation of any kind, pretending to be another individual with the intent to deceive others, using strangers' picture in a profile, stream preview picture or sending to someone is prohibited.

Posting any external links (except links to your social network accounts) and any payment information is prohibited.

By using Singlze Live, you agree to follow these simple guidelines. If any violation is found, you can have your account suspended and/or terminated.